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So, you need a new air conditioning system installed? Today’s homeowners have more options than ever before, including many energy-efficient options which can keep utility bills low. At Tampa Breeze Air Conditioning services, we are committed to making sure our customers get the right AC solutions for their needs.

Our Tampa AC Installation Services
We can help with AC installations in new builds, remodels, home upgrades, and also extending AC systems into home additions. Our AC installation services include the following systems:

• AC system design
• Energy zoning
• HVAC systems
• Wall AC units
• Split air conditioners
• Multi-split systems
• Ductless AC systems
• Central air

Contact us today to schedule an appointment or get a free quote. Or read on to learn more about our AC installation services.
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Expert AC Design Saves You Money
If you are installing a brand new AC system in your home, don’t try to save money by skimping on the design phase. It may not seem like a big deal, but an incorrectly-designed AC system can cause serious problems – including reduced efficiency by more than 40%! Some of the biggest concerns with AC design are:
• Determining the best type of AC system
• Properly sizing AC units
• Duct layout
• Energy zoning

At Tampa Breeze Air Conditioning services, we have a team of elite AC design and installation pros on staff. They sit down with you and discuss your needs. Then they take Manual J calculations and present you with some options for AC installation and the costs/benefits associated with each.

When installing AC systems with ducts, it is important that the ducts are properly routed to avoid energy loss, such as keeping them away from outside walls or attics. There are many ways to create energy zones in a home, including installing dampers in HVAC ducts. For energy zoning to be successful, it must be done by a true expert or issues like poor air circulation can occur.

Quality AC Systems Backed by Long Warranties
We believe in offering our customers choice and have a large selection of AC systems by leading brand names. All of the AC systems which we recommend come with a wide range of features and are energy-efficient to save you money. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get a great AC system. When recommending AC systems, we always consider your real needs and never recommend features that you don’t actually need. You can feel confident in the quality of your new AC installation as our products are backed by the longest warranties in the industry.

Class A Technicians Who Get AC Installation Right!
You can have a great AC unit, but if it is not installed correctly, it will not operate efficiently and will be prone to breakdowns. You never have to worry about this with Tampa Breeze Air Conditioning! Our technicians are leaders in the industry. They hold Class A Certification and are trained under NATE, which is the nonprofit group which establishes the standards for the HVAC industry. We are so confident in our abilities that we not only offer warranties on products, but guarantees on our work!

AC Installation without the Mess
If you are installing a brand new AC system in your home, then you are probably wondering about how much damage installation will cause. We understand this concern and take steps to avoid damages to your home and keep things tidy!

Installing duct HVAC systems in an old home can be problematic because the ductwork needs to be put in place throughout the home. Some contractors will just tear open walls and ceilings to do this. We use more modern, innovative approaches which allow us to go in through basements or attics so to avoid damaging your home. With ductless systems, we also take steps to reduce damages, such as carefully choosing areas for installation which will be easy to remodel. No matter what type of AC installation services you need, you can count on our technicians to treat your home with respect and keep things tidy!

Contact us today to speak to a friendly representative. We look forward to helping you find the right solutions to your AC needs!
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