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Commercial Air Conditioning

At Aires Tampa Air Conditioning , we believe taking proactive procedures rather than being reactive. We help Tampa businesses by giving providing solutions for keeping their AC systems running efficiently and without trouble, every single day. When you choose us as your commercial AC company, you can count on our Class A and NATE-certified technicians to work closely with you to find the right solutions customized to your situation. With expert services, advanced technologies, and affordable rates, we are confident that you will be glad you chose us.

Our Tampa Commercial AC Services
• Custom AC design and installation
• Energy assessments
• Cost-saving AC solutions
• 24/7 AC repair
• Preventative AC maintenance
• Chillers and cooling towers
• Commercial refrigeration
• Area ventilation and distribution systems
• Humidity controls
• Air quality controls

Contact us today to schedule an appointment or get a free quote. For commercial AC emergencies, we are available 24/7.
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AC Design and Installation Services for Businesses
We have designed and installed AC systems for a wide range of commercial businesses in Tampa, including:
• Restaurants
• Warehouses
• Retail plazas
• Stores
• Churches
• Office buildings of all sizes

When we design an AC system, we always look at the bigger picture. It isn’t just about getting your business cool! It is about keeping costs down and creating a system which will support your future growth as well as current needs.

The first step of commercial AC design and installation services is to perform an audit of the space and assess configurations. Our designs incorporate the following factors:
• Space configuration: Design must accommodate current and future growth needs, addressing issues such as the need for changes to site design
• Functionality: The AC system must be installed in a way which will not interfere with loading docks, future remodeling, and other special issues. The system must also be accessible for easy cleaning and maintenance.
• Energy Efficiency: We calculate energy loads, taking into consideration energy zoning, future energy demands, and seasonal changes.
• Safety and Security: Safety is one of our primary concerns with commercial AC design and installation! To ensure safety today and in the future, we use only high-grade materials and design methods which allow for easy maintenance.
• Health and Comfort Controls: Ventilation is incredibly important for commercial AC designs to ensure dirty air is not affecting the health of your employees or customers.

24/7 Commercial AC Repair Services for Tampa Businesses
Our Tampa AC technicians are Class A Certified to work on all sizes and types of heating and cooling systems. If you have an AC breakdown, you can count on us to 1) arrive quickly and 2) get the repair made in a timely manner. We keep AC repair and replacement parts in our vans and have a warehouse open 24/7 which is stocked with specialty parts. This means you won’t have to wait around for days or weeks until we get a special part. In most cases, we can have your AC system running again within a few hours or less.

Preventative AC Maintenance for Businesses
The best way to deal with AC emergencies is to prevent them from happening in the first place. By having your AC system regularly maintained and tuned up by one of our Class A Certified heating and cooling experts, you can prevent costly repairs and downtime. A small investment in preventative AC maintenance can also go a long way to reducing your cooling bills. Even minor issues like dirty air filters in AC systems can reduce efficiency by over 20%. Our preventative maintenance AC services are tailored to your business needs. We can schedule them at a time which is convenient to you and work thoroughly so all issues are addressed before they turn into problems.

Energy Solutions for Commercial Businesses
In Tampa, Florida, it is common for more than half of your business’s utility bills to go towards cooling costs. We want to help you succeed with innovative approaches to AC which save you money. Our energy-saving AC services start with a Certified Energy Audit. We use the latest diagnostic tools to locate sources of high energy use or inefficiency, such as leaks in ducts, high moisture, or inadequate insulation. Some of the methods we use for energy diagnosis includes Blower Door Infiltration Tests and Infrared Camera inspections.

After performing the energy audit, our technicians will provide you with a detailed report on energy use, along with recommendations on steps which can be taken to reduce energy consumption. All reports are written in a way which makes it very easy to understand the cost-benefits associated with each upgrade. We also advise you on any tax credits or other government incentives you can get for making upgrades to your AC system.

We work with you to come up with a plan for making energy-saving AC upgrades. Our technicians are Class A Certified and NATE Certified. They can take care of all aspects relating to ductwork, AC design and installation, insulation, sealing, and other procedures. In event that a 3rd party contractor is needed for services such as window insulation, we can make recommendations.

Contact us today to speak to a friendly representative. We look forward to helping you find the right solutions to your heating and cooling needs!
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