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HVAC systems are the most common way of heating and cooling homes in Florida, but they are also the most energy-draining way of doing so. In Florida, it is common for more than 50% of your utility bill costs to go to your HVAC system. What many Florida residents don’t realize is that keeping their homes comfortable does NOT have to cost a fortune. There are many ways that you can cut your heating and cooling costs, and most of them do not even require a large investment.

Tampa Breeze Air Conditioning specializes in money-saving solutions for home and business owners. Our energy consultants will perform an assessment of your current system and recommend solutions which save money and the environment.

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It Starts with an Energy Assessment
Many HVAC companies will recommend general tips for saving money on heating and cooling, such as insulating ducts or upgrading systems. However, without performing an energy assessment, it is impossible to tell whether these steps are the right solution. For example, insulating HVAC ducts is known to save energy – but if your ducts are leaking, even good insulation won’t help much. The first course of action would be to replace or seal the ducts.

A common problem that our energy consultants find in Tampa homes is that HVAC units have been incorrectly sized. The problem can be with a too-large or a too-small HVAC unit. With units which are too large, the unit wastes a substantial amount of energy. With too-small units, the unit must run more frequently, which also wastes energy. It is absolutely necessary for Manual J loads to be calculated to make sure your HVAC unit is the right size for your home or business! You can NOT simply upgrade to a “more efficient” HVAC unit of the same size as your previous unit.

How We Can Save You Money on Heating and Cooling
At Tampa Breeze Air Conditioning, our energy consultants take a comprehensive approach to reducing heating and cooling costs. There is no “one size fits all” solution! They will assess the energy requirements of your home or business, determine where the most energy is being wasted, and suggest ways to keep you comfortable with as little costs as possible. Some solutions includes:

Upgrading HVAC Units
HVAC units which were made before 1992 typically have SEER ratings (energy ratings) of about 6.0. As of 2006, the minimum requirement for HVAC units sets by the government is 13. Today, it is possible to find HVAC units with SEER ratings of over 20, meaning they will use much less energy.

Upgrading your HVAC unit can be a considerable investment, but one that can pay off in about 3 years. With the help of tax credits for energy-saving upgrades, you can recoup the costs of the HVAC unit upgrade even sooner.

Sealing or Replacing HVAC Ducts
When was the last time you have your HVAC ducts inspected? If you can’t remember when, then it has been too long! At Tampa Breeze Air Conditioning, we commonly find HVAC ducts with major tears that cause 30% or more of conditioned air to escape. If your ducts are still in good condition, they can be sealed to prevent losses. If they are in bad condition, we may recommend replacing them. Please bear in mind that this is a large, messy job. However, our technicians are certified and trained in modern techniques for getting HVAC ductwork done faster and more efficiently so you save money.

We also recommend having your HVAC ducts regularly cleaned. Blockages can reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system, and also severely affect the quality of the air inside your home or business.

Energy Zoning
Chances are you don’t need your entire home to be the same temperature throughout the entire day. For example, your bedrooms probably only need to be heated or cooled during the nights, and your living room heated and cooled during the day time. You may even have some rooms which are rarely used at all – which means you waste energy by heating or cooling them.

Energy zoning refers to a practice of dividing your home into “zones” based on how you use them, and then heating/cooling them individually. With HVAC systems, zones can be created by installing damper systems in ducts. Zones can be put on their own thermostats.

Installing a zoning system in your HVAC system require a true expert. Otherwise, air flow problems can occur. Zoning will also affect the energy requirements of your HVAC unit. It is best to install a zoning system when the HVAC system is initially being installed. If you already have a HVAC system and ducts in place, zoning can still be done – but requires a different approach.

Other Money-Saving Solutions
There are many other ways we can save you money on your heating and cooling costs. These can include:
• Duct insulation
• Rerouting ducts from attics, basements, outside walls, etc.
• Installing overhead fans for better air flow
• Programmable thermostats

How Much Money Can You Save?
The amount of money you can save on HVAC costs will vary depending on the condition and age of your current system, and what methods you take. Even simple steps like duct cleaning can improve energy efficiency by as much as 20%! In general, our customers can expect to save 50% or more by following our recommended upgrades or improvements.

No two homes are the same. At Tampa Breeze Air Conditioning, we look at your individual needs and present you with the cost-efficient solutions that pay off.

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