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At Aires Tampa Air Conditioning, we believe in honesty with pricing. This is why we offer free quotes on all of our heating and cooling services. We know that our rates are fair, our technicians perform expert work, and that all parts and materials are of the highest quality.

Contact us to receive a free quote for heating and cooling services in Tampa. Or read on to learn more about how we give quotes.

Types of HVAC Quotes
Before you request quotes for HVAC services, it is important to realize that there are many types of quotes, and the type of quote you need can vary drastically depending on what service is needed.

Over-the-Phone or Online HVAC Quotes
Many companies will give out basic HVAC quotes over the phone or online. Please understand that these quotes are not set in stone. For example, you might say that your HVAC drain line is clogged and get a quote for fixing this problem. However, when the technician arrives, it might be discovered that the problem is actually with the condenser coil. Until a technician diagnoses the problem, no set quote can be given!

Instead of asking how much a certain service will cost, you should instead ask HVAC companies how much their hourly rates are, and also how they track rates. For example, if the technician works for 1 hour and 15 minutes, will you be charged for two hours?

On-Site HVAC Quotes
These are the most reliable HVAC quotes. Some companies will give free on-site HVAC quotes for large jobs, such as HVAC design and installation. However, you can usually expect to pay a flat fee for coming and inspecting the system. Then the HVAC technician will give you a quote for whatever services you need. You can then agree to the price and start work, or look for a better quote.

Tips for Getting HVAC Quotes
With small HVAC services, like basic repairs or maintenance, getting quotes is pretty straight-forward. However, with more-complex HVAC services, it is important that you ask some questions to ensure you are getting an accurate quote.

Understand that the cost of HVAC services can vary significantly depending on what you need. For example, a quote for HVAC replacement can vary drastically depending on whether the technicians perform Manual J calculations or just replace with a unit of the same size as you already have (which may be incorrectly sized!). The quote will also vary depending on the type of unit you install.

With brand-new HVAC installations, make sure to ask the technician numerous questions. For example:
• What are my fuel source options?
• What is the most efficient unit I can have?
• How will operating costs vary depending on which unit I choose?
• Is there anything I can do to get more energy savings?
• Are there any tax credits I can get for upgrading?
• How will other aspects of my home affect AC costs?

A good HVAC technician will take the time to explain all of your options. HVAC quotes should be very detailed so you can understand the costs associated with each option.

We Give Detailed HVAC Quotes in Writing
At Tampa Breeze, we have an open-pricing policy for all services. For basic repairs, we work on competitive hourly rates and get work completed efficiently so you don’t overpay. For larger jobs like HVAC installations, we provide you with free detailed quotes in writing. All quotes are itemized so you understand exactly what you are paying for and can make informed decisions about services.

Contact us today to get a free quote on heating and cooling services in Tampa!

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